What happens when soulful and untamed flamenco singing, electric bass, vigorous drums and two dancers in batas de cola meet? Come and find out! Batácora offers a robust dialogue between dance and music on its fall tour.

Premiere September 29, 2022 · Kanneltalo, Helsinki

Fucsia, vino & fandango

A colorful choreography for a large group of students, in which the Bata de cola plays both main and side roles. The flamenco dance training project, led by Lepistö, celebrated its 10th anniversary with this piece. Musicians and dancers from aficionados to professionals involved in the project over the years were seen on stage.

Premiere June 29, 2018 · Tampere Flamenco Festival

El Guadalquivir no pasa por París

The piece is based on different ideologies in the history and development of flamenco dance. In particular, there are two opposing tendencies: the Escuela Sevillana de Baile, which cherishes traditional movements and values, and the 20´s avant-garde dance strongly personified in Vicente Escudero.

Premiere February 7, 2013 · Helsinki Flamenco Festival

Aurinko · The Sun

Made for the dancers of the flamenco dance training project, this work is a series of small stories in which ancient beliefs from all over the world related to the rotation of celestial bodies are reflected to the present day. A group of 16 dancers and singers create powerful moods both visually and musically; the rhythm fills the space and occupies not only the stage but also the auditorium.

Premiere March 24, 2011 · Helsinki

Aikaa Aamuun · Until Dawn

A dance piece of moments that are detached from the whole, unconsciously – or consciously – on the borders of sleep and wakefulness. The northern sound world meets the southern, and the opposites complement each other.

Premiere 15.10.2010 · Helsinki


In this dance piece, which deals with the dichotomy of personality and the internal contradictions of people, the two choreographers seek answers to their questions through each other and unprejudicedly combine their views through flamenco, contemporary dance and theater.

Premiere August 29, 2008 · Helsinki


The final project of the first year of the flamenco dance training project studies the more abstract movement in flamenco from its tradition. The argument comes from the ideas of ancient philosophers – especially Plato – about the origins and nature of movement and change. Is the movement real? What is really going on in the movement? What causes the movement?

Premiere January 9, 2008 · Helsinki

Aquelarre flamenco

Lepistö’s debut as a choreographer originated from a desire to explore various Spanish dance and music traditions. Choreographed for a group of eight dancers, the work presents the Celtic and pagan cults of northern Spain as well as the religious traditions of the south through dance and music.

Premiere October 25, 2003 · Helsinki

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